I love to wear and create colorful pieces. I enjoy combining colors and creating different shapes and forms. I appreciate how what you wear can highlight your personality, current mood and true self. I see each accessory as unique as the person that wears it. In this same way, the pieces that we bring into our home are also an expression of who we are. 

Since I was a young child, creating with my hands has taken many forms. I was always bringing home something new and my mother was always finding a place to display it. As an adult, I still enjoy experimenting with new media and learning different crafts. Some of my favorites are sewing, watercolor during camping trips, collecting driftwood for mobiles, and building things for our home. Regardless and most importantly, I love to create and make with my hands and have fun doing it!

My unique + small batch jewelry, home sewn goods and wall hangings are all handmade with intention, imagination & love in my home (either at my kitchen table or my little handmade desk). I currently have three main jewelry collections: Stone, Metal + Wood, Ceramic Stoneware and Polymer Clay, though I am regularly incorporating different materials, such as felt and acrylic. Most of my pieces are simple, as I believe that the colors, textures, and materials speak for themselves. I recently added home sewn goods and wall hangings to my business, so I guess I am no longer just jewelry ;) Creating takes many forms, shapes and styles and I go where my hands and heart lead me!

The gemstones used in my jewelry are hand picked to complement one another. I don't seek out "flawless" or inclusion free. I like inclusions. Many of the beads I use, either handmade, repurposed or purchased, are placed "backward" or opposite from one another on purpose. Something a little "off", a little different. Unique. 

The inspiration for my pieces are gathered from my day-to-day life as well as when I spend time in nature. I am drawn to colors when camping in the desert, spot shapes when walking down the street, and dream up designs in my mind. Wherever I am, I always try to have my sketchbook ready.

As an artist and local business owner, I try to support other small, local businesses and fellow artists when purchasing my materials, as well as re-purposing when possible.

I hope you connect with my creations and enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.